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What is a Chickee?

Chikee or Chickee (“house” in the Creek and Mikasuki languages spoken by the Seminoles and Miccosukees) is a shelter supported by posts, with a raised floor, a thatched roof and open sides. The chickee was adopted by Seminoles as an easily erected, disposable shelter that allowed them to move camp frequently and easily when pursued by U.S. troops. Each chickee had its own purpose—cooking, sleeping, and eating—and together they were organized within a camp-type community.

what are chickee huts made of?

  • Chickees (also known as chickee huts, stilt houses, or platform dwellings) are Native American homes used primarily in Florida by tribes like the Seminole Indians. The chickee was constructed with cypress logs and palmetto palm thatch leaves. source:tribalhealthyhomes.org/chickee.htm

Who are the Seminole Indians?

  • The Seminole are a Native American people originally of Florida. Today, most Seminole live in Oklahoma with a minority in Florida; there are three federally recognized tribes and independent groups. source:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seminole



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